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My Story

Soul Yoga With Leise
Yoga Instructor Stockport England

My Story

My yoga journey began in 1995, when I was introduced to yoga by a friend, as I was going through a low, tough patch in my life, with low self esteem and low energy.

I had tried different gyms and different sports but found them unsuitable for me, while at a low point, but yoga was different for me. I could take it at my own pace and at my own level of ability. Each class I gained not only a sense of achievement but also recovery from how I was feeling.


There was no stopping me now and yoga became a regular practice, much more than I had anticipated.

I started to visit India each year for a year on vacation and each time I was discovering the different styles of yoga practice, that I had not experienced before and my new love and passion for yoga grew.

I have also practised my yoga in Bali, where once again, I discovered new yoga styles. By now you could say that my life, my health and my happiness had improved so very much, through the practice of yoga and meditation, that it has become my life, so I made the decision that after it changing my life so much over 28 years, I as was going to get qualified with a teacher's diploma , to be able to help others, which I did  in El Palmar in Spain by the masters Javier Castro and Tomas Tieldi and I am a certified RYT200 Yoga Alliance Teacher.

I opened my new studio in 2019, where I have found so much more in my teaching of my students, than I could ever have possibly have hoped for.


I knew that I have always wanted this in my life but never imagined all of the rewards that it has brought. Being able to introduce and guide others through their own yoga journeys and let them see for themselves, the changes that yoga and meditation can bring to everyone, no matter what their needs are, there is something beneficial for everyone, which in turn has brought me happiness.

If through my teachings of yoga, someone else could gain even half of what I have gained through it, then that would mean the world to me, as Yoga means 'Union'. and I have certainly experienced that within my teachings, no more than during the pandemic when my beautiful new studio was forced to close due to the lockdown and new ways of being able to still teach were had to be thought out. First it was the online classes which were great but nothing like being able to teach in person although it had it's benefits as it meant that I was able to teach lots of new people not only around the country but also in other countries that I had not been able to teach before but as the lockdown eased it meant that I was able to teach outdoor classes which is exactly what I did!

I started to teach my classes under a huge camouflage net that I had attached beautiful coloured fabrics to to give everyone shade during the hot days and then as the weather changed over the months I added weather proof marquees and also insulated flooring and heaters which kept my classes going right into November which is when the next lockdown came and I had to revert back onto the online classes until the following spring when I could start the outdoor ones again.

Throughout this pandemic and all of the challenges and struggles that it has presented us with, I learnt that through teaching my yoga classes, all of my students were so very supportive and loyal to me and my business that there couldn't be a better example of 'Union' between us all and still the Soul family in Stockport, Greater Manchester keeps growing.

Because of this union it has given me the opportunity throughout this tough period to go deeper into the wellness practices that I can now provide including a number of weekend yoga and wellness retreats around the country. I also now facilitate cacao heart opening ceremonies, healing sound baths, meditation bliss events, I have furthered my training in meditation and also qualified in reiki and I am so excited to see what the future brings and the beautiful souls that come into my life.

"Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame."

B.K.S Iyenger

Yoga Instructor Stockport England
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