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Covid Policy

Please find here all my up to date information on the current Covid situation and how it affects the studio. I aim to stay as up to date with government guidelines as is possible.


Before coming to class:

  • Please book book your class online or through myself.

  • Please bring your own mats and any other props that you like to use during your yoga and meditation.

  • Bring your own full water bottle – water can not be offered as usual during this time.

  • I have a 24 hour cancellation policy as the classes are at 50% capacity and places are high in demand.

  • Please do not come to the studio for your class if you feel at all unwell especially if you have a temperature or cough.


Upon entering the studio for your class:


  • Please scan the QR code on entering, anyone not wishing to do so should speak to the teacher so we can note it on our system

  • Masks now need to be worn as you enter the building and please make sure that you stay 2 meters apart whilst enter

  • The QR code will be displayed for you to scan upon entering, anyone unable to do this then please speak to me.

  • Shoes are to be removed upon entering and left in the back room but keep your clean socks on until you are on your mat in the studio.

  • Please place your mat in the allocated areas provided.

  • Masks and socks can be removed once you are on your mat.

  • Please don’t bring any unnecessary items into the studio that you will not be needing.


When leaving the studio:

  •  Please exit the studio stating with the nearest to the door being mindful of social distancing at all times whilst collecting your shoe

  • Feel free to use the hand sanitizer again upon exit. 

  • If you discover you have contracted Covid after any class that you have attended, then please notify me as soon as possible so that I can do track and trace.


What is being done:

  • Deep cleaning of all of the surfaces and handles throughout the studio premises after each class.

  • Social distancing at all times

  • No heavy breath work in class

  • No hands on adjustments

  • Track and trace is adhered to in all classes and notification will be sent to all class members if there are any cases reported of anyone attending the same class as you.


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