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Finding Myself!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

For me in my life, I found a huge turning point was finding my true self.

Who I now was had changed, down to the way of how other people had treated and effected me over the years and how they had made me feel emotionally, which in turn effected me both physically and mentally.

I had already been practising yoga for many years but it wasn’t until I starting to visit places like India and Indonesia that I noticed a huge difference to how we all live our lives. The locals had nothing in comparison to me in what they had had in their lives, yet they had this positive contentment about them. What made such a difference?

I visited India for a many of years and discovered so many styles of yoga and meditation that I had not come across before which when I started incorporating them into my own life, the benefits of these yoga and meditation in my life helped me to calm the mind and look more inwardly within myself, where I discovered that things that had happened to me in previous years had caused for me to shut down on the truth of how I had been affected (we have a wonderful gift for this in the western world, putting on a brave face and all that!)

Yoga and meditation helps you to look inwardly, allowing yourself to be more open to your feelings and emotions, helping with anxiety and depression, releasing what has been stored away for years and I learnt throughout my yoga and meditation that it is the kindest thing to allow yourself to ‘just be’.

Allow yourself to feel scared, fearful, hurt, embarrassed as these are natural human emotions that we all have but we block them out to protect ourselves but allowing ourselves to ‘just be’ we also allow ourselves to feel brave, courageous, positive, loved and determined and this in turn conquers and helps with all of those unpleasant feelings and emotions that had become us.

I find it so interesting how the person that we become in life can all too often be created through other peoples behaviour towards you and sometimes it can be done so subtly that no one even is aware that another person has changed your behaviour, mind set, emotions or even your direction in life, which just goes to show that we ourselves can also make small changes that can also make such a huge difference to how we live, it doesn't take much.

So yoga and meditation truly has helped me to change and better my life simply down to those little differences that they can make right from the start. Always remember to never allow anyone to change you but if so, there are always ways of making it right again for yourself.

Always stay true to being your true authentic self.




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